Alejandro Gonzalez

Nov 9, 2017

0.5.7 – Shutdown!

Introducing Shutdown, a spell that will allow you to disable enemy buildings: Prevent the enemy Commander from healing, or get rid of that pesky Catling Gun. As always, expect even […]
Aug 18, 2017

0.5.1 – Let Them Do Their Thing

The Commander has trained his army well. They have grown smarter with time, or at least less fearful of death, and will no longer require you to constantly tell them […]
Jul 10, 2017

0.4.10 – Confetti the Yeti!

A new version is here, and with it, Dr. Death arrives to poison everything in his path. But he is not the only one gracing us with his presence: Confetti […]
May 12, 2017

0.4.5 – Moar Pls!

Meet the new updated World War Doh where your armies are now composed of 6 different units. Not only that, we have also added a new fun way to claim […]
Apr 11, 2017

0.4.3 – Big update!

In our biggest update to date, we bring you new units, a new map and a lot of new stuff. Forget everything you know, and get ready to crush some […]
Dec 14, 2016

Update 0.3.1: Just A Tree!

Version 0.3.1 is here! We are happy to welcome to the family a new building: Just a Tree. Don’t be fooled, he might look like a tree, but he is […]